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U.B. Superplasto is one of the leading company which helps undertaking the design supply, Febrication, Execution of commissioning of civil connected domestic projects and chemical industrial projects

Welcome to UB Super Plasto

We are here to takes you away from waste and garbage in easy, just need to know us and our products and services which we are serving.

FRP Pillers with modern design
FRP Fins in various categories
Main hole cover with different variants
Different FRP designs on demand
Lenin chute system with carts
FRP Fins are very light weight, which are signification advantages over aluminum extrusion & C Casting. One of the best part of the FRP Fins, they are electrically...
FRP Design are very heavy weight, which are signification advantages over RCC casting, One of the best part of the FRP Design, they are electrically & Thermally ...

Services that We offers

Linen Chute plays a role
Polyglass garbage sharp
Main hole cover
FRP design, pillers and fins
We fabricate the above system in 6mm PPGL material design Laundry chutes are similar to waste chutes & laundry chutes is designed for delivery of linen from floors laundry in hospitals, hotels, sanatoriums, children preschool installation

Our Work