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U.B. Superplasto is one of the leading company which helps undertaking the design supply, Febrication, Execution of commissioning of civil connected domestic projects and chemical industrial projects, through various projects of large organization such as you. we are bounded for customize prodect as per your requirement.


Garbage chute the latest centralized garbage disposal system has become essential part dor the modern high rise building industries. Attention has to be paid for disposal of garbage, from individual faults, so that in sanitary system.

Linen Chute

We fabricate the above system in 6mm PPGL material design Laundry chutes are similar to waste chutes & laundry chutes is designed for delivery of linen from floors laundry in hospitals, hotels, sanatoriums, children's preschool installation

Garbage System

We fabricate the above system out 5mm thick polyglass sheet (PPGI) and reinforce with fiberglass material, 5mm thick FRP sheet and also in stainless steel, which is the most long-lasting hygienic because it is non-corrosive, edorless


Ramky Infrastructure Limited

UB Super Plasto's garbage chute system is a reliable and efficient solution for managing waste disposal in high-rise buildings. Its durable and low-maintenance design ensures ease of use and maximum hygiene, while its affordable pricing makes it a worthwhile investment for any building management team

Saurabh Yadav

UB Super Plasto delivers top-quality garbage chute systems and FRP fins that meet the needs of both commercial and industrial clients. Their products are easy to use, cost-effective, and designed to last, making them a trusted choice for waste management and productivity enhancement.

KDA Development Authority

UB Super Plasto offers reliable garbage chute systems and high-quality FRP fins. Their products are durable, hygienic, and affordable, making them a smart investment for any building or business.